inspiration today: vintage magazine covers

wish they would do covers like this again. Magazines are so stale these days with rolling calendars of the same photoshopped celebrity faces - and not even well-photoshopped either. I would love to stroll passed a magazine stand sometime next month and instead of seeing Keira Hathaway Johansson or whoever on September's Vogue, I would die to see a vivid gouache painting of a model in a Dior Couture gown or a satirical cartoon of a department store salesman begging a customer to buy the new collections. But as that is never to be I guess I'll just have to enjoy the beautiful illustrations on some of these old covers instead and be thankful that we at least still have The New Yorker... I especially love A.H. Fish's whimsical social commentaries:

vintage vanity fair cover
Issue: February 1921
Artist: A.H. Fish
Description: A woman grows visibly annoyed with her husband, who refuses to put down his newspaper at the dinner table.

vintage vanity fair cover
Issue: January 1921
Artist: A.H. Fish
Description: A woman, at home leafing through a catalog of automobiles, calls up a man, maybe her husband, to discuss her potential purchase.

vintage vanity fair cover
Issue: January 1923
Artist: A.H. Fish
Description: Curled in a chair, a woman comes to tears over a stack of bills while her well-dressed husband nonchalantly has a smoke.

vintage vanity fair cover
Issue: January 1922
Artist: A.H. Fish
Description: Stranded under a full moon, a motorist is defeated by a flat tire while his date waits in the car.

vintage vanity fair cover
Issue: April 1928
Artist: Marion Wildman

vintage vogue cover
Issue: July 15, 1935
Artist: Cecil Beaton

vintage vogue cover
Issue: June 15, 1935
Artist: Jean Pages

vintage new yorker cover
vintage new yorker cover

Issue: October 23, 1989
Artist: Lee Lorenz

Issue: March 18, 1939
Artist: Barbara Shermund

Covers available for purshase at Condenaststore.com and Thenewyorkerstore.com.


calling william claxton fans

does anyone know more about this photo? I was flipping through an old Vogue -- September 2000 to be exact -- and found the photo above a news blurb about a traveling photography exhibit called "Framed: A Photo Retrospective" that apparently featured pix of Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol, and Catherine Deneuve in their favorite shades. This photo below was a part of the exhibit and, according to the article, was shot by William Claxton. I am kind of obsessed with it and am pretty much hating myself for not being cultured enough in the eleventh grade to have known about this show -- would have loved it. Aaanyywaay... just been searching the internet looking for a better version of the photo, and figured that since it was a William Claxton it would be viral. But, not so much. If anyone knows more, like if it has a name or if it was ever published in a book, I would really appreciate it!

William Claxton Vogue

advertorials: Chanel, Ungaro, Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2000

chanel advertisementchanel advertisementchanel advertisementchanel advertisementemanuel ungaro advertisementemanuel ungaro advertisementdolce gabbana advertisementdolce gabbana advertisement


inspiration: sartorial videos

enjoying the stories behind some great New York street styles:

Hudson Square

The Brooklyn Flea

Prince & Mott

Madison & 67th


inspiration today: stitch drawing

Was searching for cool illustrations online recently. One blog lead me to another and what I stumbled upon is a very interesting art form. Rosie James is a textile artist who uses a sewing machine as her drawing tool. Now, being a former fashion design student myself, I've definitely dabbled on a Bernina or two and broken more needles than I care to admit. So, to me, Ms. James' work is definitely an impressive feat:

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